Monday, 25 June 2007

Blokes Bar for blokes

I know it sounds like a bar for ‘real’ men to meet up and get drunk, but it is actually a bar of soap for men! It’s about time we men got our own soap. Thank you Simply Soaps, at long last I can shower with my own manly bar of soap. I no longer have to smell of roses or peaches or apricots or lilacs or lavender or anything else flowery scented. Not that there is anything wrong in a man smelling of flowers, it’s just nice to not have to if you don’t want to. This particular soap is made with tea tree oil, comfrey and cedarwood, so you end up smelling like you stepped out of a forest when you get out of the shower. From a florist to a lumberjack in one easy bar of soap. Made by Simply Soaps in their little workshop in East Norfolk with all natural ingredients makes this bar of soap even better. There are no harmful chemicals or animal products so it’s kind to your body and vegan friendly too. You can buy blokes Bar directly from Simply Soaps for £2.50. If you’re out of ideas for Father’s Day, you could always order a couple of bars of Blokes Bar for your dad.

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