Thursday, 28 June 2007

ScootElectric Helio electric moped

The Helio electric moped offers affordable electric transport for the growing number of frustrated people who, despite paying the highest travel costs, suffer queues, delays, gridlock and poor parking facilities.
The Helio is 100% electric and has a range of 20-25 miles on one charge. It has a top speed of 23mph, though this is hardly a racing bike, it is more than fast enough for most of us. There is lots of cargo carrying capacity fro your shopping and other bits and pieces.

The Helio is Vehicle Type Approved in the UK and classed as a sub 50cc electric moped and at the moment you can get a £200 government grant.

The Helio costs £1399.00, but with the grant it costs a mere £1199.00 and is available from eGO Vehicles.

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Michael Smith said...

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