Thursday, 28 June 2007

Folding Solar Panel

The Sunlinq roll-up solar panel will power energy hungry gadgets like DVD players, hand-held computer games and other such gadgets. There is also an optional battery charger attachment that lets you charge your mobile phone, digital camera…etc. The Sunliinq power panel will run virtually any device that would normally work from or can be charged through your 12v car lighter adapter.

The panel comes with an accessories kit that includes a female CLA, male CLA, SAE barrel connector plug, battery clamps and 8ft. extension cord with SAE connectors and a build in charge regulator.
The whole thing is durable and lightweight, and when folded measures just 13 x 23 x 1.3cm and weighs only 200g, tough enough to stand up to hiking, camping and general backpacking. You can buy all this solare power for £85.00 from the greenshop.

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