Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Junky Styling wardrobe re-style

Junky Styling are an amazing and innovative fashion company based in London’s Brick Lane. Started by Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager, it is an outlet for their unique style of clothing. Taking second-hand clothes and remaking them into trendy and cutting-edge fashion items is their fortė. I have been trying to source ethical clothing for my self via the internet without a great deal of success recently. I mean, if I want ethnic or hippy style clothes, there are plenty of suppliers, but trying to find something a little more fashionable is proving virtually impossible.

The answer could be Junky Styling’s Wardrobe Surgery, a service that takes your existing, or bought second hand clothes and remakes them into something fashionable. You can give your design input and the clothes are cut to suit your body type and size. You get to work with the designers and unleash your own creative genius too, which sounds like great fun.

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