Tuesday, 26 June 2007

POSCH shopping bags for all

We are all being told to use reusable shopping bags as oppose to plastic carrier bags. The many millions of plastic carrier bags used and thrown away every day around the world do incredible damage to wildlife and the environment. There are many reusable shopping bags available, but if you’re looking for style to go with your green outlook try the POSCH bag. Luce Beaulieu is the Canadian creator of POSCH. Luce is an eco-designer and entrepreneur who is concerned about the effects of discarded plastic carrier bags on the local wildlife, especially on the endangered bird species native to Quebec. Luce uses recycled vintage bed sheets to make rather attractive shopping bags. The bags are handmade in Canada using an environmentally friendly process to minimise the ecological impact of the production process. The used sheets and pillow cases are sourced from local not-for-profit outlets like The Salvation Army and other similar charity shops. They are then sanitized, washed and printed using water based inks. The bags come in loads of different and unique designs and are available on-line from The Natural Store.

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