Thursday, 28 June 2007

Natural soap from Andalucia

The Andalucia region of Spain is well known for its Mediterranean climate and unspoilt terrain. The Andalucia Soap Company manufactures natural Castile soap made with locally grown natural olive oil as a base. Why Castile soap? Because it is made with plants rather than animal fats and it has therapeutic and medical qualities. The other plant based ingredients are locally grown too, with the warm Mediterranean climate giving a rich abundance of fruit and vegetables from which to choose. The entire range of Andalucia soaps is free from chemical and synthetic fragrances, preservatives, detergents or chemicals. The colours used are all either plant based or made from natural clays. Apart from the all-natural nature of these wonderful soaps, you also get the benefit of aromatherapy oils blended into the soaps for their aroma and their therapeutic benefits. The soaps are so gentle they can be used as a facial cleanser and as a shampoo, they can even be used as a shaving soap. The other important thing to mention is that they are not tested on animals. The range is available on-line via their website and the prices are around €4.50 for a 100g bar.


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Chris Dunst said...

Nice and informative post.

Shelley said...

I have used natural products for years and it is great to see the ones from Spain getting some recognition

Thanks for posting



Unknown said...

Never ever purchase anything from this company! It is a total scam. I ordered and paid for my products, £30.00. They never arrived at all and despite at least a dozen communications to the company, I never even had the courtesy of a phone call etc. In fact, one of the contact numbers was a private residence in Spain who knew nothing of the said Andalucia Soap Company. Its terrible to think that someone would simply set up a website and steal money from innocent hard working people. Get an honest job. Rip off!! Its a wonder the authorities have not closed this site down. Do not go near these people. Please don't even waste a minute looking at their wonderful, caring ethical website.

Anonymous said...

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